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Greenstone Locksmiths are a well established company specialising in all aspects of the locksmithing trade, our locksmith team have built an excellent reputation by providing a quick response time to all Emergency calls received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our locksmith team continuously maintain and better our already quality customer service and overall workmanship in the work our locksmiths carry out, all work we do comes guaranteed, and our locksmith team are here to serve you 24/7.

On standby are our highly trained and fully equipped locksmith Greenstone team ready to act for any job requiring the utmost urgency.

Our locksmiths in Greenstone will come fully prepared for all emergency call outs for both residential locksmith requirements and commercial locksmith requirements.

Health And Safety With Our Locksmiths

Our Locksmith Greenstone team operate to all known Health & Safety regulations within the locksmithing industry to ensure all works are carried out in a professionally planned systematic and safe manner for our locksmiths and customers in mind throughout our time spent with you.


Locksmith Greenstone Best Value

Here at Greenstone Locksmiths in Modderfontein we understand value for money whilst keeping quality to the highest is important to all our valued locksmith Greenstone customers, therefore we take appropriate steps within our locksmith company to use South African standard locks and operate a Best Value Policy for supplying replacement locks, and services, which ensures that our locksmith Greenstone rates remain highly competitive at all times.

Call our Locksmiths in Greenstone today on 011 568 2618


Locksmith Greenstone Services Available 24 Hours

Our Greenstone Locksmiths team are happy to attend at any time day or night to repair, carry out a lock change and secure your home or business premises following a break-in. We provide a comprehensive selection of services which can fulfil your every locksmith requirements.


Locksmiths Greenstone Services

  • Door Opening
  • One of the most demanded requirements have found to be is our Door Opening service, if you find yourself locked out, our locksmiths can gain access to your property without damage.
  • Lock Change
  • Along with our Door Opening service, the Lock Change is a popular requirement by our customers in Greenstone.
  • uPVC Doors Repairs
  • Home And Business Safes
  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Garage Locks
  • Fire Safety Door Mechanisms
  • Emergency Push Bars, Push Pads


Our locksmiths in Greenstone respond quickly

Although we are based in Greenstone, our locksmith Greenstone team are out on the road to cover all areas of Modderfontein which include locksmith Longmeadow | Edenvale | Kempton Park | locksmiths in Sebenza | Westfield | Greenstone Hill and locksmiths in Clarens Park as well as all parts of the city centre including locksmiths Marais Steyn Park | Dowerglen | Rietfontein, Bushwillow Park, Rembrandt Park, Rembrandt Ridge and Dunsevern. If you find that your town is not listed, not to worry, give our friendly locksmith Greenstone team a call and we’ll have one of our qualified locksmiths to be right with you.

Emergency Locksmith Greenstone Hill 24 Hour

Our Locksmiths in Greenstone are trained to carry out a variety of 24 hour locksmith Greenstone services that include fitting of new locks, tackling unfortunate lock outs, we will always get you back into your property without causing damage, and if you have been unfortunate to have been broken into, our emergency locksmith Greenstone services can also include boarding up of windows if required.

We run our locksmith Greenstone business with minimal overheads, which allows us to provide you with the highest standard of service at a reasonable price and if it’s an emergency locksmith Greenstone you require, you can be absolutely certain of a speedy honest friendly service from the locksmith Greenstone team.

Call us now on 011 568 2618 for emergency locksmith assistance.

Greenstone Mall Locksmiths Accept Credit And Debit Card Payments

If you have an emergency situation where you are locked out and have no physical cash, you need not worry, we now accept debit and credit cards through a secure system, we have listened to our past customers and have now acted on what they thought would be most helpful for this type of locked out scenario.

What if you have no debit or credit card you may be thinking? this won’t be a problem with Greenstone Locksmiths we will happily accept card payments from family members or friends whom can call our locksmiths Greenstone directly to make the payment on behalf of you.


CCTV Systems From Locksmiths Greenstone

Our locksmiths in Greenstone are consistent with keeping up to date on all the latest security cctv and video surveillance technology which enables us to supply and install a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial cctv systems for home owners and local businesses in the heart of Greenstone, plus surrounding towns and villages ranging from Modderfontein to Dowerglen.

Greenstone Locksmiths in Johannesburg understand that times have been challenging for local businesses of Greenstone and security remains to be an extremely important part of your business premises, therefore if you require a cctv system and need help from our locksmiths Greenstone team with choosing the best and most appropriate setup for your premises, you can count on our locksmiths Greenstone staff to provide you with the best value for money system designed specifically to meet requirements of your individual business or home without compromising the safety and security, of not only your workers, but your most valuable assets or home contents.

Our locksmiths Greenstone team will provide you with expert advice based on your individual requirements to be certain that you are setup with the very best solution most suited to the type of business you run, one example being, our Greenstone locksmiths stock cctv cameras that are suitable for covering a vast area of your land which could meet the requirements of a garage forecourt or industrial premises, and for home owners in Greenstone we could supply cctv cameras which are aimed at specific areas and blind spots near to your front door.

No matter how big or small the job is you can be assured our locksmiths Greenstone staff come with a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in the Greenstone Hill locksmith security industry.


Burglar Alarms & Security Systems With Locksmiths Greenstone

Greenstone locksmiths in Greenstone Mall are keen to offer customers an impressive range of domestic and commercial alarm systems to include wireless home alarms which can be easily installed by our highly experienced locksmith Greenstone team and this one in particular is greatly cost efficient compared to other systems on the market, we stock alarm systems of all sizes including non-wireless to suit a varied amount of property types and business premises, rest assured we’ll have a system best suited to your needs.

In our range of security systems we have a powerful flash fogger system suitable for jewellers in Greenstone, these vigorous systems are capable of filling rooms of any size with a very heavy fog while activating a blinding strobe light to make theft near impossible.

We stock a variety of systems to suit all businesses of all sizes and home owners so why not call the Greenstone locksmiths team today for a friendly chat, we are always more than happy to advise you on all security requirements or concerns.

Roller shutters And Electric Garage Doors In Greenstone

New in at Greenstone Locksmiths in Greenstone for 2015, sourced especially for you by the locksmiths Greenstone team, we are now taking calls relating to our new exciting range of roller shutters and roller shutter garage doors. Our range consists of well-known brands yet remain priced very reasonably, and start from a single electric garage roller shutter door, all the way up to a whole shop front.

Greenstone Locksmiths in Greenstone are now your first port of call for quality roller shutters and electric garage roller shutter doors in Greenstone at prices you’ll only be amazed with. On standby we have our highly skilled engineer with over 10 years experience at the ready to talk to you about your roller shutter requirements.

2016 Security Audits from Greenstone Locksmiths

Our team at Greenstone Locksmiths in Greenstone Hill provide security health checks for both domestic home owners and commercial businesses in Dowerglen. Unfortunately crime is not uncommon and never has been, therefore if you have concerns at night wondering if the valuables in your home, shed or garage are safe from burglary, please contact our locksmith Greenstone team today to arrange your security audit.

Having doubts on security at home or business is not a nice feeling, we have all been there, maybe when on holiday or just a night away these thoughts seem to enter our mind which is enough to put anybody on edge for awhile. Our locksmiths in Greenstone can put your mind at ease by doing a simple security health check and listing possible upgrades repairs or replacements that may need acting upon, it may be something as simple as replacing a euro cylinder that is the wrong size to a lock that’s anti snap and the correct size or to advise you not to leave a key in a mortise lock on the inside because this can be easily turned from outside, our locksmiths in Greenstone have many years experience locksmithing in Johannesburg and the more homes that are secure the better for everyone.

Garages and Sheds – Advice from a Greenstone Locksmith

Often over looked and not given the same standard of security as a house, but why not? After all, most sheds and garages in Greenstone are home to gardening tools, push bikes, motorbikes and scooters, yet these items need protecting and even more so now the early nights are drawing in fast, if you are concerned about the security of a shed out house or garage then contact the locksmiths in Greenstone as we have a great range of padlocks and hasps that we install to the highest standard and the parts plus labour as all our work and products are covered by a 12 month no quibble guarantee.

uPVC Door Advice from the locksmith Greenstone team

Millions of homes across the World have uPVC doors and Greenstone is no exception to this, I have one myself and so do many members of the Greenstone Locksmiths in Greenstone team, luckily we are in the know-how and are able to spot when our own doors may have a issue where you might not, if the handle starts to become stiff or more floppy than usual it’s a sign that the mechanism and gear box is on it’s way out and the hooks at the top and bottom of the door are not operating as they are originally designed to, I could not tell you the amount of people that have reported this to me while I stand on their door step after the mechanism has totally failed and left them out in the good old South African weather, and some call us to report a handle issue yet our locksmith Greenstone staff see this so much we have gained vast experience in dealing with and replacing failed gear boxes on uPVC doors in Greenstone.

If you can’t open your uPVC door then give our locksmith Greenstone team a call day or night and we will be more than happy to resolve the issue and get you back in the warmth and comfort of your home.

Lockers | Cash Boxes | Fruit Machines | Pool Tables | Vending Machines | Tills

All of the above doors are normally secured with a wafer lock or tubular lock, these smaller type of locks are easily targeted and picked open the majority of times. Locksmith Greenstone carry replacements in various sizes and the correct lock pick tools to deal with your issue should you lose the keys or if a tubular or wafer lock should fail, you can count on our Locksmith Greenstone team to attend any time day or night to resolve any issue you may have by using our 24 hour Locksmith Greenstone services.

SABS Standard 5 Lever Anti Pick And Anti Drill Locks, 5 lever lock, 3 lever locks

Now this is where the real fun starts, Greenstone locksmiths love a challenge and a brilliant example would be a South African standard anti pick anti drill lock, please don’t let one of the rouges out there destroy your door or frame like our locksmith Greenstone team have seen many do over the years, these locks can be picked in a variety of ways with different types of lock picks and impressioning kits, however like many things in life the old fashioned way is often best and tool company’s are just trying to reinvent the wheel, if it’s any type of mortise lock we are the Greenstone locksmiths for the job.

Dimple Locks / Mul-T-Locks / High Security Locks

More commonly found in the style of a Euro cylinder are popping up all over the place of late, mainly in commercial steel doors but also in domestic uPVC doors, they are a great security upgrade because they house 10 pins and the key way is horizontal rather than vertical like the normal Euro cylinder, anti drill and anti snap burglar bill stands very little to no change even worrying this lock, as the owner of Greenstone locksmiths I myself have one in my uPVC door and I would not have anything less, our locksmiths in Greenstone can upgrade you to this type of Euro cylinder day or night or if you require entry when keys are lost or stolen we are always happy to attend, we offer all customers the chance to upgrade to this lock when on a call out to a uPVC door and are more than happy to explain in more detail over the phone or in person how easily the standard uPVC door locks can be manipulated and why this should be your number one choice, if the back front and back door are both uPVC then we can even key them alike so the same one key operates the lock on both front and back doors.


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Security Tips Locksmith Illiondale

Having many years experience in the locksmith industry, we have faced various security tasks and requests, in this time our locksmith Greenstone team have became aware of many common vulnerabilities which are both found to be inside and outside of homes all around the country.

Some which may come across more as common sense knowledge, however we have found they are not regularly thought of and not always looked at as a security vulnerability.

We can help with the aftermath of a devastating burglary.

Overgrown Garden Greenstone

With dark nights closing in, it’s that time of year you are most vulnerable to experience a burglary of some kind, whether that be your garden shed, garage or home. Generally the main cause to make you a target, would be an overgrown garden, by having an overgrown garden you are giving a vast cover to potential would-be burglars, with that, mix in an unlit garden, this makes you an even greater target.

Here at Greenstone Locksmiths, we would like to give a few pointers to help you along your way of securing the outside of your home.

Garden Security Check List

You may use this check list decrease the chance of becoming a target of theft. You may share these security tips with your friends and family to make not only your area a safer place to live, but to aid in helping others with a topic which isn’t spoke of in a great deal.

Garden Lighting Greenstone

Installation of a floodlight would be one of the best deterrents you could implement. There are many floodlights available at affordable prices, which include LED, and solar panel, being extremely cost efficient and energy saving. Make sure to source one that includes a motion sensor. One of the best security deterrents you will buy.

Garden Gate Greenstone

There’s a few options available for different type of gates, the most popular gates are usually made out of wood, if this sounds like your gate then you could fit a quality two-way lock, and fit an optional bolt for on the inside combined with an alarmed padlock. On the outside of the gate, if you are one to use the gate often you could fit a hasp and staple lock combined with an alarmed padlock.

Shed Security Greenstone Hill

Often forgotten by many, sheds contain valuables. Simply install a portable alarm with sensor inside of your shed, position to cover the window and door. Shed portable alarms can be picked up for an affordable price, it’s definitely a security deterrent you’ll be wanting to add. Along with the portable alarm, you’ll want to add a hasp and staple latch lock with an alarmed padlock to the door, combine these two together you are well on your way to have a protected shed!

Furthermore, it’s possible to strengthen the door by adding heavy duty hinges and a horizontal security bar with padlocks. Don’t forgot, add metal bars on the inside of the window.

Garage Security Greenstone

Garages should be made a priority to secure, like with sheds, garages too are filled with valuables, our locksmith Greenstone team are keen to spread the word and help local customers to secure their belongings.

Lets start with alarms, if you are unable to afford a branded alarm system, there are many affordable non-branded options available, from portable alarms with sensors or even complete alarm systems with multiple sensors including SMS/text messaging capabilities.

Strengthening the door is possible in many different ways, one of which is called a garage door defender, this goes on the outside at the bottom of the garage door and is another affordable prevention method.

Aside from the door defender, there’s also options for on the inside of the garage door, this one takes a bit more effort, however if you keep motorcycles it’s one prevention method you should consider, this is by installing security bars at the top of the garage door in both corners, this prevention method is only possible if you have another external door to the garage.

Don’t forget to up the security on any external garage doors! include a hasp and staple latch lock with an alarmed padlock, and you could even add a horizontal security bar for an extra deterrent.

Home Security Check List

To be updated, please come back soon to find more tips from the locksmith Greenstone team!

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